SponsoredLinX Client Review: AHI Asbestos

AHI Asbestos & SponsoredLinX have been working in partnership on Google Ads since February 2015. After a few short months and terrific results from their Google Ads campaign, AHI Asbestos was able to start an SEO campaign.


In this time, the SEO was able to achieve 100% increase in traffic and over 20 keywords move to position 1. The relationship between SponsoredLinX and AHI moved beyond just PPC & SEO. However, SponsoredLinX and AHI Asbestos believed that results could be taken even further. In July 2016, A new website was also built as seen below:

Old Website:
Old Website
New Website:
new website

The results that this new website brought were almost immediate. Key terms such as ‘Asbestos Inspection’ were able to rank on page 1, far outside the original scope of a local campaign. The previous milestone of 20 essential keywords moving to position 1 has since grown to over 45, as of October 2018.

Suellen Benn, owner of AHI had the following to say about SponsoredLinX in her employee review:

“This company is definitely 5 star. Stephanie Potter looks after our Adwords and Landing Pages and she a has a magical touch. We also have Nicholas Davis looking after our SEO. Between these two superstars our business is continuously growing and reaching the clients that we want. I can’t thank these two enough for their support and advice.
I highly recommend SponsoredLinx to anyone looking to grow their business exposure and client base.” 

SponsoredLinX remains committed to helping small to medium businesses succeed online. AHI Asbestos continue to fantastic results under the joint efforts of Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation managed by SponsoredLinX in a relationship spanning over three and a half years.