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Asbestos Inspection

Our professional team offers affordable asbestos inspections and sample analysis services for all:

It is a requirement that all workplaces constructed prior to 2004 have an Asbestos Register and Management Plan or Clearance.  In order to produce these for you, one of our highly trained inspectors will inspect your site and all structures within your boundary.  This will identify if any asbestos is present on site, where it is, what is the condition, the risk rating, the type, and remedial works that may be required and photographic evidence.  

Our inspector will inspect all accessible areas and buildings, nooks and crannies, internal and external, including the grounds and garden beds surrounding all buildings for possible asbestos containing materials.


Our inspector will inspect all accessible areas and buildings, nooks and crannies, internal and external, including the grounds and garden beds surrounding all buildings for possible asbestos containing materials.

Current legislation also states that all identified asbestos must be re-inspected at least every five-years which we can provide at a discounted rate when booked through us. 

All workplace inspections come with a compliance certificate, and we can send you a reminder when your re-inspection is due.

For a copy of the current legislation and codes of practice, Please visit Queensland Government website here.

Our Clients Say:

Asbestos Report

We offer identification and compliance reports and clearance inspections with certificates for all asbestos containing materials and products found on and in residential and commercial properties and worksites. 

Our comprehensive report services include:

Full inspection of the property

Detailed reports with photographic evidence

Sample collection and testing

Detailed compliant register of identified items

Remedial works with photos and recommendations of rectification

Site management plan and certificate of compliance

For a full rundown of our asbestos report services and costs, contact one of our friendly consultants.

Under Australian law, a person in control of a worksite must ensure asbestos on site is confirmed, clearly indicated and recorded in a register. They must also supply an asbestos management plan if asbestos has been identified.

We can inspect the site and identify all asbestos containing materials on your behalf to save you valuable time, and reduce the stress of dealing with the hazardous materials.

The register will ensure compliance with the current OH&S legislation, be comprehensive and easy to read.

An asbestos register is not required for a workplace if:

  • it was a building constructed after 31 December 2003
  • no asbestos has been identified in the workplace

An asbestos management plan helps people with management and control of buildings and other relevant structures to prevent exposure to airborne asbestos fibres by their staff and site visitors and outlines appropriate control measures and safety instructions.

The asbestos management plan should set out clear aims, stating what is going to be done, when it is going to be done, and how it is going to be done.

For more information about what is involved in a comprehensive asbestos management plan, contact our helpful asbestos control experts.

Sample testing or analysis needs to be carried out in order to identify the content of suspect materials and determine if they are friable or non-friable.

In order to do this the sample must be analysed by a NATA accredited laboratory.  

One of our trained assessors are able to collect samples safely for analysis without fear of contamination to your property

We have also provided a comprehensive guide on how you can collect your own asbestos sample safely here on our page.


Aging commercial properties pose some of the most significant risks with asbestos exposure. We offer total solution asbestos control and reporting services for small and large scale properties for compliance and prior to demolition or renovation.

We can take care of all aspects of your asbestos services, including all inspection, testing, reporting, certificates and management plans for the site. Contact our commercial asbestos specialist to arrange a free consultation.


Many industrial sites built before the historic 1990 ban of asbestos, contain this hazardous material to this day. There are even some buildings constructed after 1990 and before 2004 that contain imported asbestos.

Asbestos was a popular product to use in industrial complexes like manufacturing plants and production facilities due to its fire retardant and sound proofing qualities.

We provide complete small and large scale industrial asbestos inspection and reporting services to ensure complete compliance with current legislation. Contact our helpdesk today to arrange a consultation for your industrial site inspection.

As people’s lives are getting busier, their living spaces are getting smaller. The old Australian quarter-acre blocks are being turned into low maintenance townhouses and apartment complexes to make space for easy living in our growing communities.

Asbestos was a popular residential building material up until 1990, and it is many of these properties that are being torn down or renovated. We can provide cost-effective solutions for homeowners and residential property developers that can be tailored to project budgets. 


LDB was a popular product for wall and ceiling panels in properties built before the early 1980s. Sometimes called Asbestolux, this product can contain up to 70% asbestos fibres by volume.

We can provide comprehensive services for identification and testing of this hazardous material. If you are suspicious that your property contains this dangerous product, contact our helpful team to discuss what steps to take in its identification and ensure the safe and responsible containment or removal.


Whether you are a professional residential developer, independent builder, or private property owner asbestos affects you just the same. Even though it is acceptable to carry out up to 10m2 of  DIY asbestos removal without a license in Queensland, we strongly advise utilising professional services for the safety of your family, your staff and yourself.

By using professional asbestos removal services, you can have peace of mind knowing all precautions were taken before further work is carried out on site. You will also have certified proof that all hazardous materials were removed by licensed and insured asbestos specialists and you will receive a clearance certificate as your guarantee of completion.

Unlike bonded asbestos, which is mixed with other materials like cement, friable asbestos is more likely to break apart, creating fibrous, hazardous dust, especially when aged or degraded.  Friable literally means easily crumbled by hand.

Under Queensland OH&S laws this type of material must be removed by a Class A licensed asbestos removalist, with specialised containment and decontamination processes implemented, followed by a comprehensive assessors inspection to ensure that all dust and debris have been cleared. 

We strive to stay at the leading edge of the asbestos industry and ensure our staff stay up to date with changes to the laws around asbestos. We can provide total asbestos services for all residential and commercial properties in the identification of  friable and non-friable materials.

For more information about utilising our industry-leading asbestos removal services, contact our highly-trained experienced staff at AHI Asbestos Consultants today. Send your enquiry via email, and one of our friendly staff will reply promptly.

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